The journey of writing a novel is rarely as simple as sitting down for a month or two and letting the story flow out of you onto the page. My next novel began as a short story that I published nearly twenty years ago after it won a short story competition. It told of a ninety-nine level program to raise intelligence, but never revealed what was in these levels. I was really intrigued with the idea of creating such a program. In the time since, I have had many ideas about what could have been included in those levels and what would happen if a layperson found the program. Thus, Incite Insight was born.

The first draft took about ten months to write and I have been tinkering with it ever since (over a year now). I took several synopses of it to my writers group and their reaction was surprising; the elements they thought should be included in a synopsis and later the blurb were different to what I thought were important. I am grateful for their feedback as it has helped me see my story in a new light and given me ideas on how to market it when the time comes…