New Anthology Contribution

On the first of January this year, a fellow writer posted to the Australian Speculative Fiction Group’s Facebook page about a sequel charity anthology. The original anthology released last year and raised funds to help Ukraine rebuild after what was anticipated to be a short war. The new anthology had an alternative history/speculative theme of... Continue Reading →

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Preorder New Release: Colours of Death 2

I am delighted to announce that a follow up to Colours of Death: Sergeant Thomas' Casebook will be released later this year. The new collection, Colours of Death 2: Sergeant Thomas: Further Casefiles will be released on December 1st, 2022. Here are the details for the nine stories in the anthology:Red: Poison FireA horrific death... Continue Reading →

The Bubishi

The Bubishi is sometimes referred to as the bible of karate. Such a moniker is misleading as it is not a religious text. What it is is a comprehensive manual designed for students of the martial arts. I emphasise this point because it is quite esoteric in its nature and requires interpretation to get the... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Novels

In the past I've written about entire novels being lost or buried for centuries, but today I'm going to write about novels that were partially finished when their author died. People have been waiting 11 years for The Winds of Winter (by George R.R. Martin), and my wife has been waiting 20 years for the... Continue Reading →

Oh my Lord

Jeffrey Archer didn't start out as a novelist. His first calling/passion is politics. Along his journey he has done some fundraising for various charities for which he was made 'Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare' and gaining the title 'Lord Archer'. So what drew this Lord to start writing novels? It was a burden of necessity. In... Continue Reading →

An unbelievable true story…

Helen Demidenko caused a stir in literary circles in the mid 1990s. I remember at the time wondering why there was such a fuss? After all, the crime she was accused of was that she had made up her family history (and surname) in order to promote her novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper;... Continue Reading →

Ditmar Awards 2022

It’s the time of year where the Australian Ditmar Awards are open for nominations - ie voting (lasting until August 7th). These are fan-voted awards where anyone active in fandom can vote. If you read Sci-fi/Fantasy/Spec Fic, you’re probably eligible to nominate. If you've been to a convention, even better. If in doubt, you can... Continue Reading →

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