FORTHCOMING short story collection. Contains the acclaimed short story, How to Win a War. The collection is based around a theme of shifting perspectives. Due late 2017.





While investigating a series of deaths where the victim’s brains have melted, Detective Thomas uncovers an intelligence raising program. As he works through the program, his own thinking becomes transformed. He discovers a secret society spreading the program and finds himself becoming a crucial part of their plan to change how the world is run.

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The_Conversationist_Cover_for_Kindle MAYThey’re falling in love, one conversation at a time. The Conversationist is an experimental and philosophical novel that tells the story of two freethinking people meeting and falling in love. During the relationship that follows, they have meaningful conversations regarding modern science, physics, biology, language and the human condition.

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I contributed the short story The Patriotic Amnesiac to this anthology and helped compile it from the contributing authors’ submissions.