Editing and an Update on My Next Novel.

The first draft of my next novel – Incite Insight – was completed over a year ago. I have since completed many new drafts of it, in order to avoid the mistakes I made when self-publishing my first novel.

Early reviews from fellow writers, “critical” friends and friends have been very positive and this book overall has a different feel about it to my previous one. With The Conversationist, I liked people to know I’d written a book, but got embarrassed when they read it (it was a very personal story) but with Incite Insight, I want people to read it as I think it is an entertaining story and don’t care if they know I’m the author or not.

At the moment I am hoping Incite Insight will be published towards the end of November. The good folks at Tale Publishing are going to publish my book.

To this end I am in the process of getting it professionally edited. This is an interesting process. There are two main types of edit – a structural edit and a line edit. The former relates to plot, characters (and characterisation) and setting, whereas the line edit is as it sounds a line by line reading of the manuscript for grammar and style. Both are important in producing a quality finished product. My novel is getting both, which will mean more drafts prior to publication.

I’m looking forward to getting the story out there as I think its something people will enjoy, but I am also looking forward to moving on to my next projects: two anthologies with my writers group, a short story collection and my next novel…

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