Working with an Editor

Working with an editor on Incite Insight is an interesting experience. I had my previous novel and short stories read by up to a dozen or so people before I shared them more widely. Despite this many errors (typos, layout/formatting) still remained in what I was sending out to publishers or promoting to my friends and family. Most people would not notice or overlook some of the mistakes, but my editor is catching them and making practical suggestions for the text.

I had previously had a “manuscript assessment” done on Incite Insight, but all that did was say things like the dialogue needed work, without explaining exactly what was wrong with the dialogue or how to improve it. My editor picked up on the same issue right away (without knowing about the assessment), but then pointed out what was wrong – I did not use enough contractions in the speech (couldn’t, wouldn’t etc) and some of the language was too formal. Actual helpful advice! The conversations were good, but just needed a bit of a polish. No need to return to the dialogue drawing board (as implied by the manuscript assessment), just edit a few words here and there to give it more life.

Although we’re only a fifth of the way through the edit, I am enjoying the process and am taking the feedback well. I am really happy with the story, want people to read it and really want to get it published and out there. I am unlikely to make the same mistakes that I did with The Conversationist thanks to dealing with a publisher (Tale Publishing), but this also means that it won’t be published until it’s properly ready. Hopefully, this will be soon!

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