You’re doing what now? Writing a children’s book…

My son Michael asked for a bedtime story the other night. We had just come back from Nanna Shan’s in Peterborough on the coast so I thought I’d set the story there. In the past we have seen all sorts of Australian wildlife at ‘the block,’ such as kangaroos, lizards and echidnas, so I started to make up a tale about Eddy the echidna.
As it turned out, Michael really liked the story and I thought it was pretty good too, so I told it to my wife who also enjoyed it. I’ve kept thinking about the story and have now written it down (one of the best things about children’s stories is that they are short, so can be written in a small amount of time). I’m even thinking about getting it illustrated and then maybe printing up a few copies for fun… So my next book (and I never thought I’d say this) might be for children!

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