Gold Medal for Sovereign Assassin and Other News.

I am thrilled to announce that Sovereign Assassin has been recognised again; this time in this year’s Global Book Awards. It won a gold medal I can now add a second medal to the cover (see above)!

I also have some new interviews on my interview page. One celebrates the imminent release of the Sovereign Assassin audiobook.

My new book Colours of Death 2: Sergeant Thomas Further Casefiles is out in less than two weeks. I am excited for its release as I feel it is some of my best work to date. You can order it here.

I’ve started writing a new novel… I don’t know how I’ll find the time to finish it with my PhD and day job, but the idea was too good to let sit idle. Fingers crossed I can get a complete draft done within a year. It is my most ambitious novel to date, so I’m hoping it turns out somewhat similar to how I see it in my head.

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