New Novel Release Easter 2021

2020 was hard, but not without some positives. My family dynamic actually improved over two rounds of lockdown, I started a PhD, and I signed a publishing contract. This latter achievement was a big deal for me and felt like vindication for the effort I’ve put into my fiction writing for the last decade. I submitted to 6 publishers and got two requests for the full manuscript, so that was encouraging too. It was fun to reply to three who hadn’t replied to me with a follow up email to please withdraw the manuscript from consideration. The novel is called Sovereign Assassin and is about an assassin who gets her own reality TV show. It’s a satirical thriller. Yesterday, my publisher revealed the cover, so I thought I’d share it too. Here’s what they said:

Shooting Star Press is very happy to start off 2021 with GREAT NEWS!!! We are thrilled to be welcoming author Robert New to the SSP family! Keep an eye out for his first release with us, ‘Sovereign Assassin’ due out Easter 2021!

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