Short Story Judging (What Makes A Good Story)


After the awards had been announced I was talking to a writer friend said she had entered the competition. She had previously shared her story with the writers group we belong to. It was a personal, heartfelt, utterly authentic, and dramatic story which, when I read it, stirred up many emotions. I would have had a hard time keeping it out of the place-getters. However, it hadn’t been shortlisted by the selection panel. Which reinforces how subjective such a process is. So, if you entered the competition (or any competition) and weren’t shortlisted, it’s not a comment on your story or you as a writer, but a reflection of the panel/judges tastes.

It takes a lot of courage to enter a writing competition, so kudos to everyone who entered this year, whether shortlisted or not.

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  1. This was a interesting and well-written post. Thanks for sharing the process, I hope I will get to judge a writing contest someday! (Maybe when my blog has enough willing people) 🙂

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