Rachel’s next book.

My daughter, Rachel, and I wrote a newly published book together, Unicorn’s Egyptian Rescue. It has been available long enough to generate a few sales. Rather than wait for royalties to be paid in the real world, I gave Rachel some money as her share of what we had sold to date. This was very well received – so much so that she quickly decided she needed to write more books with me so she could earn more money. As such, most days over the school holidays we spent a little bit of time working on a new story. For me, it was one of those experiences which you truly treasure as a parent.

The new story is about an army officer who goes searching for something in the forest, but instead of finding what he is looking for, he discovers dragons, but are they friend or foe?

The story still has to go through several re-drafts and editing, and be illustrated, but since I know Rachel will keep asking me about it until a hard copy is in her hands, I’d guess it will be out before Easter next year.

I have been asked how much Rachel actually contributes to our stories. Here’s some video showing why it is truly a collaborative process (and why I love writing with her and my son, Michael). This is only a couple of minutes of a longer writing session and may not be exactly what makes it into the final version.

You can buy Unicorn’s Egyptian Rescue from Amazon AU US UK, Booktopia.

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